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Unleash the power of data

We believe in the power of database marketing. That’s because data is at the core of all marketing activities. We understand that to successfully grow your business, you need to first know your customers and what motivates them. That’s why, at Data Strategy, we harness the vast potential of data to guide and accelerate buyers through the decision-making process. In short, we monetise your data by turning prospects into sales.

With extensive databases for B2B businesses across the Asia Pacific region and well-honed knowledge and experience in executing integrated marketing campaigns, Data Strategy helps you promote your products and services with the best data sources.

Whether your business requires leads generation, database management or database marketing support, Data Strategy has the solution to tackle your marketing challenges to create dynamic, lasting connections with your intended audience.


Impact of Data on ROI


  • Mourning Mr Lee

    23 Mar, 2015

    Data Strategy mourns the passing of our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Our company logo has been changed to black /white during this mourning period.

  • Office Closure during Chinese New Year 2015

    18 Feb, 2015

    Data Strategy offices will be closed on 18 February 2015 (Wednesday) 2pm and will be back in business on 23 February 2015 (Monday). If you have any enquiries or would like to know more about our services, kindly email us … - Read More

  • Office Year End Closure – December 2014

    16 Dec, 2014

    Our office will be closed for the holidays from 22 Dec 2014 to 2 January 2015. Business will resume on 5 January 2015, Monday. Happy holidays!

  • Office Half Day closure on 12 December 2014.

    12 Dec, 2014

    We are having our Christmas celebration on 12 December 2014 and will be closed from 2.30 pm. Business will resume on 15 December 2014.