Data Services

    • Maximize your reach and Generate Results

      Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn more about your target audience, select the right market to fit your campaign and provide more specialised offerings for your customers? That’s what quality data empowers you to do.

      A standardised and accurate database maximises reach, relevance and response, and ensures that you hit the right note with the right customers. With our data services, you gain a team of experienced data consultants who will assemble, host and optimise a database customised to your specific purposes.

      With accurate information on your customers’ needs, demographics and preferences, you’ll be able to create targeted marketing messages that reach your prospects every time.


    • Data Hygiene

      The most valuable tool in a company’s marketing toolbox is its database. But without proper maintenance, it just might put a spanner in the works. That’s why it’s important to perform regular data hygiene to rid your database of out-of-date information that might prevent you from realising the true potential of your data.

      Our team of data specialists uses data cleansing processes to ensure that your database is kept accurate, consistent and up-to-date. To ensure it stays that way, we provide you with options to enhance, de-duplicate, profile and enrich your data so that your direct mail always goes to the right contact at the right address.


    • Data Appending

      It’s easy to create a successful 360-degree marketing campaign when you have an integrated or complete business or consumer database. But what if you’re missing critical data? That’s where we step in. Our data appending services will boost your database with relevant and crucial information, and fill in any data you might lack. In other words, we save you the hassle, time, cost and resources of updating your database, while moving you a step ahead of your competition.


    • Data Discovery

      It’s easy to reach your intended audience when you know exactly what they want and need. However, getting the data you need can be difficult. That’s where we come in. With our team of Data Discovery specialists, we’ll help you build a targeted list. Whether you’re looking to reach the CIO or CEO, management level personnel or otherwise, we’ll provide you with the direct contact details of the decision makers in the B2B buying committee. This means, you’ll get all the intelligence you need for a winning marketing campaign.


    • Database Management

      Having a customer database is equivalent to having a goldmine of information. But all that data is worthless unless you can access it quickly and easily. With a wealth of information to be sorted out, managing your database can be a daunting task.

      As a company specialising in databases, we take the problem of database management out of your hands. Our team of skilled data administrators will manage, segment, filter and organise your database so that information can be easily accessed and retrieved, enabling you to effortlessly carry out targeted marketing activities that are proven to reach your intended audience.


    • Data Entry

      While market research is crucial to create effective, targeted marketing campaigns, tackling the inevitable mountains of paperwork and forms can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Why not put your staff to better use and outsource your data entry to us?

      At Data Strategy, we combine our technical expertise with intelligent data capture methods to free your staff from the mundane task of data entry. With our priority on ensuring the highest level of data accuracy possible, you can be assured that you’re getting accurate, confidential and cost-effective data every time.


    • Data Acquisition

      Whether you’re launching an email marketing campaign or an integrated marketing communications plan, having the right customer contact information is an absolute necessity. A lack of the required data could result in poor customer relationship, inconsistent lead flow and low ROI.

      As a database marketing agency that specialises in list brokerage services, we have access to a vast array of speciality consumer and commercial lists from which your next customers might come. By consolidating our market knowledge, insight, established industry contacts and buying power as a veteran data purchaser, we deliver comprehensive lists of Asia Pacific databases that will help you increase your bottom line.