• Newsletter Issue 1 – February 2014 February 17, 2014

    How is your business affected by PDPA?

    Data is the basis of all your marketing campaigns. How is the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) going to affect your marketing campaigns, your in-house list of prospect data and most importantly, your organization?

    Businesses and Marketers need to build opt-in lists, acquire new data, generate leads and funnel qualified leads to the sales team. It is a fact. Your database size increases through many different data sources – Prospect’s list, Tradeshows, Website, Meetings and more. With that, you will find that your database size is growing. It is good news, isn’t it? Take a minute to think – do you have a data strategy (no pun intended) in place? A growing list adds value to your business. But it is an asset only if you have the time and resources to maintain it. If you fail to perform Data Hygiene and Data De-duplication, you may find yourself infringing on the PDPA. The result will be a loss of trust from your clients, thus directly impacting your bottom-line. Data quality is one of the top concerns of marketers like you and this concern needs to be addressed now.

    The main data protection rules will come into full force on 2 July 2014 and the main obligations of organizations are:


    Main Data Protection Obligations of the PDPA

    Notification – Individual must be notified about collection, usage and disclosure of personal data.
    Consent - Consent of individual is important to collect, use or disclose their personal data
    Retention Limitation –  Requires organisation to remove all personal data when the campaign has ended officially.
    Openness - Organisation must be transparent with the information about your data protection polices, practices and complaint process available on request.
    Purpose Limitation – This restrict the individual data to be used for a particular product or services that is agreed upon.
    Transfer Limitation - Personal data is transferrable to another country only if the requirement prescribed is under the regulation.
    Access & Correction Accuracy - This allows individual to access and edit all information which their personal data is used.
    Accuracy - Personal data must be validated before proceeding with any campaigns.
    Protection - Protection of personal data must be done by having security arrangement within organisation and external parties that will be handling your data.


    If you do not have a Data department, it is best to start seeking a trustworthy and experienced B2B database marketing agency. It is still not too late.

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