• Newsletter Issue 4 – December 2014 November 25, 2014

    Data Hygiene – Profiling for the future

    What is data hygiene?

    Simply put, it is a process where data is consolidated accurately and managed optimally. This involves data cleansing whereby corrupt or inaccurate records are modified and replaced by a harmonisation of standardised data.
    In order to be kept up to date with the latest information from clients, it is crucial that all databases in your company are constantly updated with the utmost accurate data available. In this month’s issue of B2B marketing, we introduce the importance of Data Hygiene and why you should make it a priority.


    Key to Data Hygiene

    Is your data accurate?

    Entering and keying-in accurate information is frequently overlooked. Although it seems simple and involves keying-in basic information into the database, standardising details such as job functions, company addresses and other firmographics, are often inaccurate or incomplete. Basic key components in handling corporate assets become inconclusive. Hence it is vital that proper training for key-entry personnel be emphasised so that the first point of data communication is ensured.

    Leverage on point-of-contact

    Your sales team is doing a great job, marketing new products and making leeway with valuable new and current customers. Why not leverage on this great communication opportunity by training and motivating direct customer care personnel to request updated information at each meeting? It means call centres, customer services, sales and distributors are sensitive towards extracting information as they interact with customers. This will keep your database relevant and not be littered with outdated details.

    Verify and prioritise through contact

    Segmenting files especially for VIP customers helps to enhance the value of services and businesses. Verification can be conducted via outbound verification campaigns for the highest value accounts and  can be performed through mail, email or telecommunication, on an annual basis. With fortified results, it may be utilised on remaining accounts for optimised data health.

    External Help

    Realistically, most companies do not conduct annual data health check. The lack of resources and expertise on data hygiene within the organisation are often the convenient excuses used to prioritise other revenue generating activities. However, existing software and services that help delete obsolete records from databases do exist in the market. Over time, you will see the size of your database dwindling and now, you are faced with another problem – a smaller database, and your sales team is screaming for more leads. As a marketer, what can you do?



    Regular outbound B2B communication ensures you keep an accurate and updated database. It is also a great opportunity to reconnect and profile your prospects and customers. If the right B2B database marketing agency is engaged, telemarketing can also pave the way for leads qualification, and hot leads generation. Start now to advocate a good strategy towards data governance and quality standards.

    For all that your organisation is worth; data specialist leader Data Strategy has all the technologies and expertise to satisfy your B2B data needs, providing customised B2B solutions that help make B2B marketing work for your organisation.


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