• Newsletter Issue 2 – April 2014 April 9, 2014

    Telemarketing – it’s a matter of perspective

    Give most people the task of picking up the phone and “cold-calling” a list of prospects and you are not likely to get a positive reaction.

    For most of us, cold calling feeds into our fear of being rejected, and even though it’s a numbers game, we tend to take the abrupt rebuffs and disinterest personally.

    Changing your perception of the task can make a world of difference. After all, B2B marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools you can use—as long as it’s used correctly. And that all comes down to perception – an understanding of the real goals you need to achieve.

    So how should you be looking at B2B Marketing?

    1. Create a list of interested prospects: Generate leads by qualifying prospects on your list by making sure they can actually benefit from the services and products you offer. Selling dog food to someone who hasn’t got a dog will be a waste of your time and your sales team’s, should you pass an unqualified lead on.

    2. Make appointments: Getting your sales team face to face with a prospect is the surest way you are going to close a deal.

    3. Follow-up: Once a prospect has signified interest, set a date for response and follow up to determine intent.

    4. Stay in touch: Your prospect may be a qualified lead, but the time may not be right for a sale right now. By staying in touch and nurturing that lead, you’ll be top of the mind when your prospect is ready to buy.

    5. Build your database: Marketing should be an ongoing effort even in busy periods. Build a contact database you can continually market to by making those extra calls a day.

    6. Clean your database: You waste time and effort marketing to people who aren’t there. Keep your database contact details up to date before you launch a campaign by making a call to verify the information you hold is still correct.

    Looking at B2B telemarketing a little differently now? Considering the benefits to be had in growing your database and increasing your pool of potential customers, not to mention great market intelligence, outsourcing the job to a professional telemarketing team really does seem worth the expense.


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